CanadaBuys is a comprehensive suite of procurement services provided by Public Service and Procurement Canada, designed to assist businesses interested in doing business with the federal government. The website offers guidance to help businesses initiate the selling process, provide current tender opportunities, and explain the workings of government procurement.

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Supply Chain Manitoba, in collaboration with the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association, has hosted a Procurement Series comprising three sessions. This webinar series provides invaluable insights into how the Government of Canada conducts business, selects its suppliers, and manages the supplier application process.


Session 1: Mythbusting Federal Procurement

Each year, the Government of Canada spends billions of dollars by awarding hundreds of thousands of contracts, mostly from micro, small, and medium companies. This free webinar help attendees learn more about how the Government of Canada does business: what they buy, who they buy from, and the process to become a supplier with the Government of Canada.

Presenter: Daisy Truong, Public Services and Procurement Canada – Western Region
Date: February 27, 2024

Session 2: The Process of Procurement: How to Sell to the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is one of the largest buyers of goods and services in Canada, with contract values ranging from hundreds to billions of dollars. On average, smaller businesses in Canada win the majority of the total value of contracts awarded each year.

This free webinar will delve into the “how to” of selling goods and services to the Government of Canada. The webinar will walk through what to look for as a supplier, how to find opportunities with the Government Electronic Tendering Service and will include a live demo of the procurement website CanadaBuys.

Presenter: Daisy Truong, Public Services and Procurement Canada – Western Region
Date: March 5, 2024

Session 3: The Future of Federal Procurement

This free webinar will present tools, online resources and programs associated with green and cleantech procurement, and will dive into the following topics:

Indigenous Procurement

This portion of the session we will share information on the 5% mandate, the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Businesses, the Indigenous Business Directory and Indigenous Participation Plans. What does these mean and how do they impact all suppliers?

Green and Sustainable Procurement

This portion of the session will focus on the GHG Emissions policy, policy on Environmentally Preferable Packaging, green and clean tech procurement.

Presenter: Kris Ruiter, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Date: March 12, 2024