Airship Ventures in Manitoba offers an innovative and eco-friendly solution for transportation, particularly crucial in regions like Manitoba with challenging terrain and limited infrastructure, notably in northern communities. Propelled by engines and guided by skilled pilots, these airships navigate efficiently, providing both a breathtaking experience and practical utility.

With the imperative for cleaner transportation solutions amidst climate change, electric airship technology emerges as a pivotal development, promising a sustainable option for large-scale cargo hauling, especially in northern Canada where alternatives like ice roads are diminishing. Electric airships address the pressing need to reduce emissions while meeting the evolving transportation needs of remote communities, marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability and improved connectivity.


  • Exploration for mining deposits in the North.
  • Hauling critical minerals from small mine deposits in remote areas.
  • Moving heavy and large cargo to remote northern communities 12 months of the year.
  • Hauling materials, food, fuel to remote places.
  • Hauling hydro towers and wind turbine blades to remote sites and communities.
  • Disaster and humanitarian relief in remote regions.
  • Accessing remote natural resources in a sustainable manner.
  • Replacing flooded and destroyed homes from natural disasters in remote regions.
  • Creating new skills and jobs in remote towns.


  • Airship research & testing centre
  • Airship maintenance & servicing
  • Fabrication, manufacturing, component supply
  • Pilot training & certification
  • Pilots, ancillary staff, ground handlers


Established in 2022, the taskforce group comprises members such as the Transport Institute, ISO POLAR, MDS Aero, Thompson Chamber of Commerce, Supply Chain Canada, University of Manitoba, with others pending. The group’s primary objective is to designate Thompson as the premier hub for cold weather testing of large airships.

The proposed Canadian Hub for airship research and innovation would nurture a new industry in Manitoba. It would utilize clean cargo transportation solutions at substantially lower operating costs, create new business growth, and new training opportunities for high skilled jobs. This initiative can grow and support Indigenous economic participation, attract new talent and investments, clean mine exploration, reduce fossil fuel emissions, and much more.

  • Forty year history of winter weather testing with various transportation sectors – vehicles, aero- space, snowmobiles, jet engines.
  • 240 days of cold weather with below freezing temperatures that allow for long periods of medium to extreme cold testing.
  • Thompson is the Hub of the North with great transportation access from the south, 600 hotel rooms, shopping, medical, urban amenities.
  • Thompson has several locations were research and testing could be held remotely and with security. It can become the centre for cleaner and cheaper mine exploration in northern Manitoba by using airships.
  • Providing new skills, training, and jobs in a new field of transportation for Northerners.
  • Utilizing unused open pit mine.
  • Attracting new talent, business, and investment.
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels in transportation.
  • World leader in a new sustainable, ecologically, friendly transportation industry

Please contact Volker Beckmann at [email protected], if you would like to join the taskforce.


Government of canada
government of manitoba
Manitoba Trucking Association
manitoba aviation council