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Located in the centre of Canada, Manitoba has been a centre of transportation and distribution across North America for more than a century. Manitoba is home to CentrePort Canada, North America’s first and largest tri-modeal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone.

CentrePort combines one of the largest trucking hubs in North America, rail access to all four North American gateways, and one of the busiest air cargo facilities in Canada.

Manitoba’s transportation, distribution and logistic is becoming one of the fastest growing industries amongst Canada.


Manitoba’s Transportation and Distribution has contributed $4.15 Billion to the province’s GDP in Canada in 2019, with a 15% continues growth from 2014.

Manitoba’s Real GDP experienced strong growth in five large sub-sectors over 2014-2019:


Transportation and Distribution sectors representing the largest occupational group in Canada. There are approximately 4,300 businesses and 40,000 people employed in this sector, which includes warehousing and storage, distribution, logistics, road, as well as air, rail, and truck transportation. 

Job Growth

According to the Manitoba Labour Market Outlook 2021-2025, transportation and warehousing are anticipated to be the fastest growing Manitoba industries, with 21% job growth between 2021 and 2025.

High-Demand Occupations

At the same time, 14% labour shortage is expected in for this occupation group, indicates the job demand is relatively high.

Transport tuck drivers accounts for the largest share of employment in the transportation and distribution sector. It is one of the high-demand Occupations by all category over the next 5 years.

Supply Chain Manitoba Moving Forward

Supply Chain Manitoba supports Manitoba’s Transportation and Distribution Sector by:

  • Delivering Workforce Training & Development
  • Promoting Careers in Transportation & Distribution
  • Driving New Innovation & Savvy


This report provides a detailed snapshot of the Manitoba economy, with a focus on industry sectors related to the Manitoba Sector Council Program (SCP), which includes Transportation and Distribution Sector.

Top 10 High-Demand Occupations for Transportation & Distribution sector in 2023:

Supply Chain –
Net Job Demand Change Due to Expansion & Replacement
Job Demand
Transport truck drivers950
Automotive service technicians, trucks and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers281
Material handlers179
Delivery and courier service drivers128
Shippers and receivers107
Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordinators43
Storekeepers and partspersons41
Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributos38
Purchasing agents and officers37
Source: Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) Labour Market Information System
*Manager grade or above are excluded


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Available Programs & Courses

Numbers of University and other educational institutions in Manitoba turn out a highly skilled and professional workforce to support this large and fastest growing industry.

FREE | Essential Skills Workshop for Truck Drivers

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Apprenticeship – Technical Training

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Automotive Service Technician Post-Secondary Certificate

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Warehousing and Distribution Certificate

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High School Education Workshop

Supply Chain Manitoba offers Fun and Interactive workshop for high school students to learn more about the Transportation and Distribution industry regards to job opportunities, entry requirements, and career pathways. If you or your school have interest, please contact us at [email protected]