Work in Manitoba Job Portal

THEME: Career, Supply Chain, Transportation

Where opportunity & job seekers meet

The Work in Manitoba job portal is a one-stop platform that will efficiently connect Manitoba employers with job seekers across Canada and worldwide based on qualifications and labour market needs.

How it works

For Employer

  1. Register and create a free profile for your organization.
  2. Post your job vacancies.
  3. You will get a notification in your profile once a job seeker’s profile matches with your job opportunity or when a candidate applies for the job directly. You will also find notifications from valued partners and providers featuring information about programs and grants relevant to employers.
  4. Start connecting with qualified job seekers.

For Job Seeker:

  1. Register and create your free, secure profile.
  2. Search for jobs through Work in Manitoba. You will also get a notification once your profile matches a job opportunity.
  3. Apply for the jobs that interest you most.