Technical / Vocational

Supply Chain

Supply Management Training


Learn how to handle the entire production flow – from a to z – of a product or service. The process begins with the initial materials (raw goods, ideas, etc) and moves all the way to the end when the final product is delivered to the customer.

In our region, more and more businesses recognize the need for trained staff in this area. This program shapes, strengthens and guides future careers in the industry and is particularly beneficial for anyone who influences an organization’s procurement decisions, such as: junior buyers, purchasing assistants, production planners, warehouse clerks, material handlers, logistics administrators, inventory coordinators, associates, analysts and specialists.

Available in an online, part-time format, this program is offered through a series of technical courses and soft-skill workshops. Regularly scheduled classes, led by industry instructors, offer guidance in learning the essentials of determining quantity, specifications and price—the cornerstones of procurement—as well as softskills such as listening, spoken and written communication, persuasiveness and the ability to explain complex issues.

Learn to balance the pressures of large, low-cost per unit order sizes against warehouse space and the ageing of inventory. Understand the negotiation process and roadmap for leading or participating in successful negotiations. Become knowledgeable in the advantages and limitations of the four modes of transportation: road, rail, air and water, as well as intermodal transportation. Develop a strategic plan in a supply management role and link the strategic plan to a budget.

This program equips early- to mid-level practitioners with the necessary skills to support supply chain functions and the related business skills to help advance their careers. It is also beneficial for those with supervisory/management responsibility who seek basic knowledge of their direct reports’ supply management functional areas.