Technical / Vocational


Automotive Technician Certificate / Diploma


Learn to professionally maintain motor vehicles and adapt to the ever-evolving automotive industry.

Automotive Technician

Through the Automotive Technician program, you will build the skills needed to professionally repair cars and light trucks and start a successful career in the automotive industry. 

Through this program, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of vehicle systems and explore the purpose, design, operation and maintenance requirements of various vehicle components. 

Most of your training will take place in RRC Polytech’s auto mechanics workshop, an environment that gives you the practical experience required for industry employment. You’ll also work onsite as part of a field experience opportunity, building work experience and expanding your professional network with an industry partner.

After completing the first year of the program, you can choose to graduate with an Automotive Technician Certificate or continue into the second year to pursue an Automotive Technician Diploma.

Certificate: Build the skills needed to disassemble, inspect, calibrate and repair motor vehicle components and systems. Combine classroom learning and workshop experience to develop your practical knowledge of internal combustion engines, brakes, steering, suspension, electrical systems, tires and maintenance.

Diploma: After completing your first year, choose to continue the program and pursue an Automotive Technician diploma. Develop versatile diagnostic skills and explore advanced topics in automotive electronics, electrical diagnosis, engine management, powertrains, suspension and alignments.