Get Moving with a Career in Transport

The supply chain relies heavily on professionals responsible for the efficient movement of goods across various industries. However, the transportation and distribution sector encompass more than just drivers; it boasts a diverse range of roles, with a collective effort ensuring the smooth and cost-effective operation of the supply chain.

Opting for a career in the transportation and distribution sector signifies your role as an integral component in the flow of goods. Consider a scenario where a farmer awaits an engine part, schools rely on computer deliveries, or an airplane depends on a crucial component for take-off. Clearly, the transport industry plays a pivotal role in the local, national, and global economic machinery.

Manitoulin Transport 

As Canada’s leading transport company, Manitoulin Transport is a one-stop global supply chain solution. They provide a variety of services, from land transport to warehousing, customs brokerage, supply chain management and more.

Manitoulin is committed to quality, training, and safety for their staff. The Winnipeg warehouse, housing a dock, dispatch office and driver lounge, operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

The team is made up of many job roles, including:

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Dock workers
  • Drivers
  • Administrative staff 
  • City dispatch

Manitoulin Transport has the most extensive transportation network in North America, enabling them to provide dependable on-time delivery with faster transit times. This consistent performance can only result from years of practice and valuing the staff who make it happen.

With over 60 years of experience, Manitoulin knows that building lasting relationships and earning trust are the keys to success. Staying abreast of innovative technologies and providing consistent training has improved every stage of operations. 

“We have roles for everyone in the industry…we try to be as diverse as possible,” says John Curcio, Regional Operations Director. “We do have a specific program for dock workers. It’s called the Dock to Driver program. We put them through the MELT program (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) which is a 244-hour course, which gets them their class 1 license. And from there we’ll do another two weeks of on-the-job training and with a coach. We create our own highway drivers or city drivers.”

“Most of our driver corp is getting closer to the age of retirement, so there are a ton of jobs available for people who want to drive,” says Wally Debets, Regional Sales Manager – Central Canada. “But that’s not the only thing, there’s dock staff, there’s admin, there’s accounting, there’s I.T. There’s everything under the sun that has to do with transportation and trucking. So, there’s plenty of opportunity to be had.”

Manitoulin Transport offers competitive wages, benefits, profit-sharing opportunities, tuition reimbursement and opportunities for growth and advancement.

“I’m from India and I’m here in Canada for the last four years,” says Karan Singh, Manitoulin truck driver. “Back home we do lots of farm work with our tractors. So, we find this job easy and this is why we are into trucking.”

With great training programs, even those without formal training can find success and achievement in the transportation industry. Newcomers, Indigenous and people from all backgrounds are invited to apply.

Learn more about Manitoulin Transport:


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