January 21, 2023 10:00 am

Data Analytics & Technical Skills: Excel for Supply Chain Professionals

HOST: Supply Chain Canada

LOCATION: Virtual Webinar

Supply Chain

Are you ready to upgrade what you’ve learned as a supply chain management professional by complementing it with the awesome analytical power of Excel?  Whether you are a practicing SCM professional or want to enhance your capabilities, this course is for you.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is rapidly evolving as more and more corporations view it as a major source of value creation. In the effort to meet targets of ever shorter turnover times, waste reduction, and performance optimization while managing relationships with suppliers, SCM organizations are modernizing their systems and updating skills requirements. This creates a demand for a new breed of data-savvy analysts, adept at quickly processing large, complex data sets, automating data mining and analysis, and effectively communicating results.

Who Should Attend?

SCM Professionals who want to become data-savvy and supply their companies with advanced analytics to help optimize performance and maximize savings.  

What Value can I expect?  

Aside from SCM-related exercises, this workshop provides tools and templates you can use immediately upon your return to work:

  • RFP Builder
  • Segmentation and Tiering Tool
  • Bridge and Gauge Chart Builder
  • and more


Webinar – Online


PART 1 Saturday, January 21, 2023 and
PART 2 Saturday, January 28, 2023
10:00 am – 1:30 pm CST


$425 Members
$495 Non-members


5 Credits

  • Work better with named ranges
  • The transition to Excel Tables (and why you’ll never go back)
  • Data Control, Data Entry, and how SharePoint Lists and Excel work hand-in-hand
  • Practical Data Mining Formulas (including new functions in Excel 365!)
  • Flash Fill and other useful Shortcuts
  • Excel PivotTables
  • Data models and Excel Data Tables

Ian Gonzalez

Ian has 16 years in senior positions in Procurement, Engineering and Maintenance, and Corporate Planning departments within oil and gas, and aviation MRO. industries. He has a passion for SCM teaching and does so from the perspective of an experienced SCM professional, engineer, and computer programmer. MBA and BSc in Mechanical Engineering.